Anti Fatigue

More than 11 million workers in the UK have a standing based job*. Individuals who stand on a hard surface for long periods in their everyday work can find it stressful and be at higher risk of developing health problems. Our Anti Fatigue matting is designed to reduce fatigue and improve safety by reducing slips or falls, and for employers to save money on sick leave, but more importantly to provide a comfortable working place for their employees.

Excel Anti Fatigue Matting is designed for: 

  • Increased productivity                      
  • Decreased risk of circulatory problems.
  • Increased concentration
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved working conditions 


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Spark Safe Anti Fatigue Matting

A tough heat resistant anti-fatigue mat

Tuff Spun Anti Fatigue Matting

Economical Anti Fatigue Mat

Tuff Spun Deck Anti Fatigue Matting

Heavy duty deck plate

Tuff Spun Plus Anti Fatigue Matting

Slip resistant matting WITH hi-viz yellow borders

Heronair Anti Fatigue Matting

A hardwearing and versatile matting

Tuff Spun Wear Anti Fatigue Matting

Heavy duty abrasion resistance anti fatigue matting

Zed Chex Anti Fatigue Matting

Checker plate anti-fatigue and slip resistant matting

Zed Chex Plus Anti Fatigue Matting

Checker plate anti-fatigue matting with yellow edging

Zed Land Anti Fatigue Matting

High quality anti-fatigue matting

Zed Tred Anti Fatigue Matting

Unique Anti-fatigue matting at its toughest