Door Barriers

Door Barriers can help protect the door from being opened too far and over extending its hinges, and by preventing damage to the door and surrounding areas. Having Door Barriers marking the external openings of doors creates a safe space for the door to be opened without the potential risk for unpredicted contact, helping prevent accidents. Door barriers, although a fairly simple device, come in various shapes and sizes. They can be a simple single hoop or include a tapping rail to aide visually impaired users. They can be 'open' and minimal in design or ‘filled’ providing a more solid look and come in a variety of fixing types and finishes. Whatever your door barrier needs, Excel Matting will have a solution.

Excel Door Barriers are designed for:

  • Creating a safe space for door openings                 
  • Preventing damage to door hinges
  • Reducing risk of accidents
  • Aiding the visually impaired
  • Matching your projects colour scheme

*Free delivery on orders of 3no. units or more

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Malford Door Barrier MDB200

An uncomplicated door protection barrier with horizonal cross bars

Malford Door Barrier MDB201

A basic hoop door protection barrier

Malford Door Barrier MDB202

A door protection barrier with solid aluminium perforated infill panel

Malford Door Barrier MDB203

A door protection barrier with horizontal tapping rail to aid the visually impaired.