Swimming Pool & Wet Area

Safety and Hygiene are some of the main concerns when people are using a Swimming Pool or Wet Area. This is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Swimming Pool mats.
In Swimming Pool areas where people are walking barefoot, Heronrib & Floorline Matting will protect from all sorts of unwanted germs. Our matting is highly slip resistant protecting users from slips and falls. Our matting is UV resistant* making them perfect for indoor and outdoor Swimming Pools. Suitable places for use: Swimming Pools, Lidos, Juccuzzi's, and Changing Rooms. 

Excel Swimming Pool & Wet Area Matting is designed for:

  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Hygiene (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives)
  • UV resistance*
  • Easy cutting and installation
  • Maximum drainage

*Red colour is not colourfast in direct sunlight
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Floorline Swimming Pool & Wet Area Matting

Anti-slip matting for swimming pool and changing rooms

Heronrib Swimming Pool & Wet Area Matting

High Slip-resistance matting for swimming pool, Lidos, Juccuzzis, and changing rooms

Herontile Interlocking Swimming Pool & Wet Area Tiles

Anti-slip Interlocking tiles to cover large wet areas

Kumfi Step Swimming Pool & Wet Area Matting

Free draining matting for bare foot comfort and safety in wet areas.

Water Polo Anti Slip Swimming Pool Matting

Non Slip Matting for field marking