We provide a wide range of Workplace Non Slip matting from light duty to heavy duty. In a workplace where staff work around water, oil, or other chemicals, the risk of slipping and falling increases. Without a high quality Non Slip matting, health and safety can be an issue. Our range of Workplace matting is suitable for: production lines, kitchen areas, behind bars, freezer rooms, fish markets, abattoirs, train maintenance depots, and small wheeled traffic areas.

Excel Workplace Matting is designed for: 
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Oil, chemical, and acid resistance.
  • Maximum drainage.
  • Comfort
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Firmagrip Workpace Matting

Close mesh matting for small wheeled traffic in busy industrial area

From: £508.12
Vynagrip Workplace Matting

Hard duty and high slip resistance industrial floor matting. Popular Applications: Production and assembly lines, Workstations, cleaning areas, abattoir facilities, kitchens, walkways and freezer rooms.

From: £61.85
Flexigrid Workplace Matting

Heavy Duty Industrial Matting 

From: £94.47
Flexi Tred  Workplace Matting

Hard Wearing and Multi Purpose Matting for Industrial Applications

From: £49.90
Floorline Workplace Matting

Anti-slip, Economical, and comfortable matting for workplaces 

From: £221.95
Heronair Workplace Matting

Slip-resistance cushion matting

Lok Interlocking Workpace Tiles

Hard wearing open grid interlocking tiles

Dynamat Workplace Matting

Heavy duty loose-lay mats for floor protection, insulation and shock absorption in sports facilities.

From: £48.23